At what age should you start training in martial arts?

Children as early as three years old can be on the mat learning martial arts.
When a child has the privilege to learn the basic fundamentals of martial arts and can work on such things as: Focus, Discipline, Balance, Coordination, Team Work, Confidence, Respect and Learning not to give in to peer pressure.
He/She will build on these life skills and be able to take them with them where ever they go in life, from grammer school through college and into the work force.
As far as adults are concerned...
The great thing about martial arts is whether you are curious and want to try a different exercise routine,or you're looking for self-defense, or always wanted to earn your Black Belt, you're never too old to begin learning..
Everyone has limitations and some of us use them as an excuse. I challenge everyone who wants to do something in their life and has an excuse, can't find the time, or is afraid to just go for it.  When it's tough and you think, "I can't do it", think again and say "I will do it"....Remember... Never give up, set goals and follow your dreams!